Tipps & Tricks

Sending the application file

It is important to check your application file carefully again before you send it off. You only have one chance to make a first impression. Ask someone you trust to read through your file. Four eyes often see more than just two.

Electronic application by e-mail

  • Send all your documents in PDF format only (free conversion software is available on the internet).
  • Give your documents easy-to-understand names if you send them individually. - Check the data volume; no overloading (e.g. with photos).
  • Keep to the sequence: Letter of application and CV may be converted individually – work references, diplomas, etc. should follow together, ordered by area and period.
  • Add a suitable subject.
  • Enter the e-mail address of the contact person last; this will prevent you from sending the e-mail by mistake before it is ready.

Written application by regular mail

  • Send your documents in an application folder.
  • Adhere to the document sequence.
  • As it makes more of a personal impression when sent by mail, a suitable title photo is a good idea.
  • Always use an unfolded A4 envelope.
  • Send your application by A-Post.

Electronic application via online tool

  • Follow the instructions or contact the company by telephone if you have any questions.

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