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The application file

The objective of your application file is to impress the personnel manager with you as a person, your interests and motivation as well as your qualifications and experience and to improve your chances of being invited to a personal interview. It is very important that the personnel manager reads your application file with interest, understands your motivation and can immediately recognize that you have the required qualifications, knowledge and experience. An effective application file has to be well structured and the accompanying documents have to be enclosed in a particular sequence.

Sequence of documents (according to current relevance):

  • Title photo (not mandatory, but sometimes very attractive)
  • Letter of application (do not just repeat what is in the CV, be creative)
  • CV (must always be accompanied by a professional photo and be clearly structured)
  • Work references/confirmations (complete, without any gaps)
  • Diplomas/certificates/confirmations of course attendance (ordered by date)
  • Miscellaneous

Then it needs to be polished, which is often the deciding factor in convincing the reader in the first few seconds. Many job seekers forget to check, update and optimize their CV and the letter of application before sending off their application file. This could be a serious mistake and may mean that you already lose out during the first step of the recruitment process. It is very important to carefully check all your documents.


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